About Sky River Ranch

J.L. Bates was born and raised on a ranch in Oklahoma. He welded in the oil fields of Oklahoma in the late 70's. With a degree in Wildlife conservation, and minors in Industrial Arts, he moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1987. His work has been recognized displayed by Art on the Corner in Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as the City of Fruita Art Council.

In his work, he has shown a dedication to craftsmanship, and an eye for creating aesthetically pleasing pieces. Working in metal, antler, tile, glass, wood, and sometimes antiques from a bygone era, he creates many one of a kind and truly unique pieces. Each one is a handmade, signed original work, especially designed to enhance your home.

Years of experience combine with a natural artistic ability to create treasures designed to be passed on to future generations. Additionally, custom work can be created from your personal designs.

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2008 Sky River Ranch
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